High latitude growers of top quality, leaf-off strawberry runners.


JCLM Farming are family owned growers at Ouse in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley.

Situated on the Derwent River, (southern Australia’s largest river by estuary outflow) in the middle of Tasmania, we’re well placed to offer a secure supply of high-chill strawberry runners.

With varieties to suit both summer and winter production and a proven history of customer service, we’d be pleased to help supply your plants.


Short Day


Florida Beauty

Dr. Vance Whitaker, University of Florida
Dr. Mark Herrington, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Excellent flavour

Uniformly well-shaped

Bright red and glossy

Good shelf life and transportability



Breeder: UC Davis

Outstanding late season productivity and exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit

Extra large, firm, visually appealing fruit

Highly resistant to Verticillium wilt and Fusarium wilt

Reduced runnering in fruit production

This cultivar is consistently the late season yield leader


Royal Royce

Breeder: UC Davis

Exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit

Consistently produces large visually appealing fruit over a long growing season

Produces fewer runners in berry production, resulting in lower production costs

Long shelf life fruit with good flavour and sugar-acid



Breeder: UC Davis

An outstanding day-neutral cultivar for organic and conventional production systems

Consistently produces high yields early in the growing season

Highly productive in warmer environments where day-neutral cultivars thrive

Very large, flavourful, visually appealing fruit



We have seasonal positions available.

  • Casual tractor driving jobs (available now)
  • Casual harvest jobs (starting from the end of March through to mid-June)

Please fill in the form below indicating the position you are interested in or send your CV to jack@jclmfarming.com.au.


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